The Vision

At VEIH Intuitive, we believe that all living things share a connection through Divine intelligence, and that Heaven is a state of being with the power of external manifestation. By Implementing lifestyle changes that complement our spiritual needs, and nurturing our divine energy compassionately, we align ourselves with greater Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. We’ve all once pondered on how to reclaim power over our lives and navigate the things beyond our control. We propose that in addition to those relax & spa days, Self-Love also looks like:

  • Identifying our own unhealthy patterns.
  • Evaluating mistakes with practicality and grace.
  • Applying new practices that harmonize the trinity with the energy of the higher self.

As one would imagine, this process is not always as pretty as the commercialized self-care days; however, there is beauty on the other side of that inner-work. We pride ourselves in providing you with the purest products for an eco-friendly, heart warming and soul healing experience! With great integrity we nurture a Give + Give relationship by ensuring authenticity, and an in depth understanding of all that we offer to the community that we serve. On this journey we will transform our inner atmosphere, and later as a result, our physical experience.

Let Us Begin This Journey Together! We Welcome You To VEIH Intuitive, Where We Bec∞me Love.