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Manifesting 101

An Introduction To Our Company  

VEIH (VEE) is the vision of God's promise. A journey of healing and realignment of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us all, through mindful practice. Our goal as a Brown–Woman–Owned business is to build awareness of the importance of Self-Love, Shadow-Work, Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness. We’d like to take this a step further than a simple conversation starter, and welcome these pillars of evolution as lifestyle practices. As we have learned and would like to share with you, healing is not a linear process. It’s messy, it’s painful, and incredibly enriching in its imperfection. More often than not, considering the current state of our society, we shy away from difficulty due to the many ways we’re able to experience instant gratification. The core of VEIH INTUITIVE is to nurture the value in working diligently at the things in life that truly matter. We are all guilty of making matters of the physical world more important than our nature at times, and the leaders of VEIH INTUITIVE aim to ensure that the community we build here immerses in the safety of exploring spirituality whilst still honoring the imperfections of our humanness. The Journey of Self-Discovery is a constant walk to and through the truth of who and what we are. Flawed individuals with the ability to co-create abstract beauties, while exploring ourselves, others, and metaphysics with curiosity instead of judgment. Self-Love is the foundation upon which all healing is built, and for the highest good of all we intend to share as many charted and uncharted pathways as possible because everyone’s journey is different and none of us have all the answers, however we can all start somewhere and figure it out together.

Understanding The Philosophy Of Manifestation & Embracing The Journey Towards Discovering Self-Worth & Inner Peace

Manifestation is the practice of bringing thoughts and desires into reality through focused intention. It’s about harnessing our thoughts and feelings to attract not what we want in life, but what we intend to create in our lives (This is important! Don’t let it fly over your head). By focusing on what we intend to create, visualizing it as if it has already happened, and trusting in the process, our manifestation potential is uncapped. The concept of manifestation is rooted in the philosophy that the energy we put out into the universe is what we will receive in return. The Law Of Reciprocity. 

To boost our effectiveness as practitioners of manifestation, we must start by setting clear intentions that align with our values and goals. Visualize yourself already embodying the qualities you desire, such as confidence, self-assurance, and tenacity to name a few examples. Use positive affirmations to reinforce these beliefs and cultivate a sense of self-worth. Practice gratitude for your current blessings and strengths, and gratitude for the knowledge of your weaknesses because knowledge equips us with the power to mitigate change. Focus on embodying the energy of abundance rather than scarcity because abundance in every regard is yours, and my Divine Birthright. Practice with the intent to master consistency in your manifestation techniques, whether it's journaling, affirmations, visualization, or meditation, to reinforce your sense of self-worth, inner peace and power.

Remember that mindset shifts play a crucial role in manifestation and building self-worth. By changing how we think and perceive things, and even being mindful of the state of our “Self Talk”, we can attract wonderful, unimaginable things into our lives. To embrace what we call “The Journey To Becoming Agape Love”, it is essential to cultivate a fortified mind. Embrace self-reflection and self-care practices that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Surround yourself with supportive and encouraging individuals who uplift you. BE that supportive and encouraging individual when there’s no-one near but you! Practice gratitude daily to shift your focus in trying times, and be mindful that self-worth and self-love both come from within, and inner peace is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

Emotion Is A Vibration: Scripting & Manifesting Techniques

369 Method

  • Write down what you intend to manifest three times. 
  • Write down your reason for manifesting it into your life six times.
  • Write down your intended outcome nine times.
  • OR Write down what you intend to manifest 3 times in the rising. 6 times in the afternoon. 9 times before bed.
  • Practice this method for 18 days to align with its numerological sacrality.
  • Pay attention to the details of day 19 and write them down. (You can practice this technique for as long as you’d like!)

55 * 5 Method

  • Write down what you intend to manifest 55 times for 5 or 15 days.
  • The longer you practice, the more potent your manifestation of course. Once you’re finished, rest for the same amount of days that you worked. If you choose 5 days, pay attention to the details of day 11 and write down your results. Likewise, if you choose 15 days, pay attention to the details of day 31 and write down your results.

Affirmation Station

  • Get clear about your intentions and create an atmosphere that clears and blesses your senses. For example: Light some candles, burn some sage, incense, or palo santo, pray, play some music, dim the lights ;)
  • Write down your manifestations as a list of affirmations that you can repeat daily.
  • It is imperative to note that you must write these affirmations down as if they are already yours AND to use all positive words only!

Crystal Method

Crystals are beautiful minerals from God's Earth that can be used to assist in many spiritual practices like manifesting from the universal consciousness, and healing the mind, body and spirit from both physical and metaphysical ailments. Some popular manifesting methods with crystals are:

  • Praying over, or speaking life into your Crystal and leaving it at your bedside while you rest.
  • Praying over, or speaking life into your Crystal and leaving it to charge in the moonlight. 
  • Placing a crystal on top of a written prayer.
  • Praying over water, placing the crystal in the water, and then leaving it to charge in the moonlight.

Water Method

  • Get a jar, find a quiet place, and fill the jar with purified, distilled,  or mineral infused water.
  • Write down your affirmations, prayers and or intentions and either paste it onto the jar or recite them over the jar or both.
  • Repeat those affirmations until you become one with the emotional experience of that visualization. Let the water charge in the Moonlight overnight and drink a sip of that water everyday for 30 days to internalize that positivity and those blessings.
  • Pay attention to the details of the 31st day, and write down the change that you have experienced.

[Side note copper is extremely energizing to water so if you can find a copper jar, that will increase its potency. Otherwise a clear, or blue glass will suffice.] The water method is an extremely powerful technique because the high vibrational frequency of positive affirmations completely changes its molecular structure. This is one of my favorite methods. 

Candle Method

  • Write down your prayers, affirmations and/or intentions on a piece of paper.
  • Tape that piece of paper onto your candle, and read your intentions aloud.
  • Speak life into your candle before you light your wick.
  • Allow it to burn without disturbing the flame.


Speak aloud, and/or write down your selected number of details about your day that you intend to extend gratitude for. Although very simple this is probably one of the most powerful methods especially when practiced daily.

Chakra Affirmation Method

Each chakra has a corresponding affirmation. Use these affirmations as sentence openers for your prayer, in order from Root to Crown. Remember to use all positive words, write/speak as if it is already done, be as detailed as possible, and close your prayer according to your spiritual practice. This method is my number one choice for manifesting my intended, however the timeline of completion may vary! Once you close out your prayer, release your hold on it! The last step is to LET IT GO.

  • Muladhara–Root– I Am
  • Svadhisthana–Sacral– I Feel
  • Manipura–Solar Plexus– I Do
  • Anahata–Heart– I Love
  • Vishuddha–Throat– I Speak
  • Ajna–Third Eye– I See
  • Sahasrara–Crown– I Understand

Example: I Am so excited about my new car! (specify the year make, model, exterior and interior colors) I Feel so grateful and overwhelmed with joy to bask in that new car smell while I drive. I Do my best to take care of my new car with love by anticipating and tending to all of its needs! I Love the way my engine purrs when I start my car and the comfort that it affords me! (Specify here: “I Love the leg room, my sunroof, that it is a two or four door.” etc.) I Speak that me and my new car will have years of great memories together, and that my car will get us to and from my destinations safely every time! I See my car sitting in my garage right now, and it makes me want to take it for a spin just because it's mine and I adore it! I Understand that all good things come to those who are intentional and love the Lord. In the name of my God, it is done in my world as it was already created for me in Heaven. Amen. Aśe.”


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