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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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Thanks for trusting me as your reader! Tarot readings by default are pre-recorded and emailed upon completion.

Note: If you come back and submit a review, your next reading will be 50% off. Please email to claim your discounted rate. This offer is valid for 90 days.

Before booking your reading, please keep in mind:

  1. Tarot or Intuitive readings are just advice. Our decisions are always our own, and only those decisions determine what is to come next.
  2. Energy is fluid. Meaning that it is constantly changing. Some messages will resonate with you immediately, and some will resonate as your story unfolds. Some messages may apply directly to you, whilst others may correlate with another person, place, thing or experience that is in your energy. Only you know the specifics of your situation, so delegate who and what the messages apply to and be sure to pay attention. : )
  3. Do not become dependent on readings! It is imperative to learn the tune of your inner voice. Otherwise known as your intuition. Practicing stillness before running to a reader may illuminate the answers you need from within, without any need to outsource information.
  4. Your reading is about you. The purpose of diving into the energies is to guide you towards your north node. This represents the life lessons you'll come across on your journey to becoming your higher self, and how you'll align with your higher purpose.
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Customer Reviews

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Amazingly Accurate!

Ms. Pashance A intuitive was phenomenal at reading my energy accurately. She took the time to fully explain each card. She allowed my insights with love and consideration for the sensitivity of the subject pulled. Honestly the best reading I’ve had in a long time. It has been really hard these past weeks and I really needed the guidance. Trust me y’all…worth every penny😫❤️